• Dignity ColumbariumTo "honour the memory and dignify the example of the people who gave their lives to defend democracy and freedom" Read more
  • "El siglo de Luis Ortiz Alfau"The Gogora Institute unveils the first book of the "Memoriak" collection: Read more
  • Remembrance SquareRemembrance SquareA project to foster citizen participation for a democratic construction of memory. Access
  • Governing Council imageGoverning CouncilThe Gogora Institute Governing Council analyses the citizen response to the Remembrance Square travelling initiativeAccess
  • Gogora presentation imageGogora presentationThe Gogora Institute for Remembrance presented to institutions, victims' associations and social, cultural and political stakeholdersAccess

In projects

Remembrance Itinerary

Implementation of the remembrance itinerary interpretation projects related to the Spanish Civil War

In projects

Udal Memoriak

Coordination management with local councils to foster a municipal remembrance policy