DNA Bank

The DNA bank of the disappeared and relatives of people who disappeared in the Spanish Civil War, in the Basque Country, is an initiative that seeks to collect DNA samples from relatives that provide evidence that they have lost a relative during the Civil War. Those samples can then be checked in present and future exhumations and finally those individuals may be identified.

GOGORA is giving impetus to this initiative to expand the existing DNA bank as identification is possible thanks to the presence of relatives with the closest kinship links possible. Given that those links diluted with the passing of time, it is therefore important to gather DNA samples from relatives as soon as possible.

255 DNA samples have been collected so far, and 8 more families are waiting for the test to be done in the coming weeks.

How can I request a DNA sample be taken?

  1. There are three ways to do it:
    By phone, calling 944032843.
    By email, writing to and
    Filling out this  form.
  2. GOGORA staff will contact the applicant and the Biomics team of professionals at the UPV/EHU.
  3. The Biomics team at the UPV/EHU will collect the sample at your home or, as applicable, at the university laboratories. This sample will be duly documented and details will also be gathered on the person that you are searching for.
  4. All the samples will be kept at the Biomics laboratories and the database with the information extracted will be stored and coordinated at Gogora.
  5. The donors will receive the biological identification report produced by Biomics.
  6. The Gogora Institute will informed the interested party if a sample taken from a relative using this procedure is found to coincide with a sample taken from the exhumed remains.


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