The Duintasuna sculpture to feature in the Elgoibar Dignity Columbarium

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The GOGORA Director has announced the winner of the ideas contest launched last summer.

The GOGORA Director, Aintzane Ezenarro, today unveiled the sculpture to be placed in the Elgoibar Dignity Columbarium, where the remains will be placed of the missing people during the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s regime who have not been identified and also of those who have been identified whose relatives have requested that the remains be placed there. The sculpture was the winner of the ideas contest launched last summer by the Institute for Remembrance, Coexistence and Human Rights, which attracted a total of 16 entries.

The sculpture is entitled Duintasuna- Dignity, is made out of Corten steel and is the work of Iñigo Arregui. The jury deemed it to be a work “that by superimposing different sheets where the Lost are symbolised by means of the emptiness, a dialogue is achieved between them and those who cross the work in the present, thus remembering them and recovering their dignity".

In the words of the artist, the sculpture seeks “to symbolise the re-encounter of all those people who suffered unjust reprisals with dignity”. The award amount is for a total of EUR 60,000.

The presentation of the selected work took place at the GOGORA offices in Bilbao this morning and the artist behind the winning work, Iñigo Arregui, was also present. The Dignity Columbarium is one of the twelve projects in the Basque Government’s Core-Programme of Priorities 2015-2016 in the field of Historical Remembrance, which was subsequently assumed by GOGORA. As Aintzane Ezenarro, its director, pointed out, “building a space as a resting place for those remains and to honour them is not only necessary, but also an imperative to respect the dignity of the victims". The Columbarium will have 60 niches and will stand in the Olaso Cemetery in Elgoibar. The remains discovered when exhuming mass graves in recent years will be placed there and which will be of missing people during the Spanish Civil War and Franco’s regime and who have not been able to be identified.

Construction work has begun this week and will be initially financed by Elgoibar local council. Gogora will take over its financing through the 2017 budget. All of the work, including the installation of the sculpture, is planned to be completed by the end of this year.