Crosscutting projects

Crosscutting projects

Crosscutting projects


Prepare the 2017-2020 Gogora Strategic Plan proposal

The strategic plan for the Gogora expansion phase must be drawn up throughout 2016. It will be a proposal and must include the contents of the disseminationexhibition, investigation and management strategies. Its approval is projected for the beginning of the next parliamentary term.

Prepare collaboration agreements with other memorial institutions.

Conversations with other memorial and human rights institutions will commence throughout 2016 in order to establish coordination and collaboration frameworks. In this sense, contacts will at least be made with the Gernika Peace Museum, the Memorial Centre of Victims of Terrorism and with the House of Peace and Human Rights in Aiete.


Define the reports and studies programme to clarify past events

The Gogora programme in terms of commissioning or drawing up reports, studies or investigation processes regarding the clarification of past events that may be useful for public remembrance policies will be prepared on a yearly basis. As from 2017, this programme will be part of the areas of investigation defined by the strategic plan.

Design the first steps for the Gogora documentation centre and library project

The first steps to make the Gogora Documentation Centre and Library project a reality will be taken throughout 2016. Both are conceived as public services. They must seek to find synergies with the Historical Archive of the Basque Country, an institution with which Gogora shares the same building, as well as collaboration and to not overlap efforts with other memorial institutions.


Design and develop the itinerant citizens participation Remembrance Square initiative

After the inauguration of Gogora on November 10th 2015,its continuity will be designed in the itinerant Remembrance Square citizens’ participation initiative. In so doing, Gogora will be physically present for several weeks in every region of the Basque Country throughout 2016. The objective: to bring Gogora closer to the citizens.

Define the programme for grants, agreements and other collaborations

The Gogora programme for grants, agreements and other forms of collaboration or rendering of services of use in the development of remembrance public policies will be defined on a yearly basis. As of 2017, this programme will be placed in the investigation areas defined by the strategic plan.