Action program

Action program 2015-2016

Gogora action program 2015-2016

Crosscutting projects


Prepare Strategic Plan 2017-20 proposal

Prepare collaboration agreements with other memorial institutions


Define the reports and studies programme clarifying the past

Design and initial steps of the documentation centre and library


Design and develop the itinerant citizens’ participation initiative "Plaza de la Memoria"

Define programme for grants, agreements and other collaborations

Projects related to Historical Remembrance (1936-1975)


Remove Franco symbology

Set up a Columbar ium for the remains of unidentified disappeared persons


CreaciSet up a Commission to prepare a Core Document of human rights violations during the Franco dictatorship (1936-75)

Organise testimonies, archives


Promote and coordinate memorials and recognition of the Franco dictatorship victims

Manage the identification and interpretation of remembrance spaces

Projects related to Recent Remembrance (1960-2011)


Udal Memoriak. Promote a memorial policy at a municipal level.

Prepare the website "Gurean" for the memory of victims.


Extend the Gertu Programme of the recording of victims' testimonies.

Develop a dialogue based upon the convergence between victims, society, remembrance and coexistence.


Make the Gertu audiovisual material with victims' testimonies available to the public.

Prepare an educational proposal on the critical reflection of Recent Remembrance.

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