The Institute for Remembrance, Coexistence and Human Rights

Gogora is a forum where victims and society can share their remembrance of the past wth a view to helping to build peaceful coexistence.

Gogora, the Institute for Remembrance, Coexistence and Human Rights, has been set up with the remit of coordinating public policies on remembrance in our country. Its job is to preserve and pass on the memory of the traumatic, violent experiences of the past hundred years: the Civil War, the Franco dictatorship, the terrorism of ETA and unlawful counterterrorist attacks; memories of suffering unjustly caused and efforts to construct and defend democratic coexistence and a society based on the defence of human rights and peace, even in the most adverse circumstances.

Taking ethical responsibility for passing on democratic remembrance as its starting point, the Institute seeks to establish inclusive remembrance, guaranteeing the engagement of the public. Only one limit is set on this dialogue between memories: remembrance must not be used to exclude events or seek equivalences between them. Nor must it be used to justify any form of terrorism, violence or violation of human rights.