Gogora Collection

Venancio Iñurrieta Collection

Epistolary collection (1936-1940)

The epistolary collection consists of 257 handwritten letters by Venancio Iñurrieta between September 1936 and July 1940 from the different prisons where he was held. Euskaltzale [Bascophile], bertsozale [Basque oral poet] and nationalist councillor in Soraluze, Venancio Iñurrieta was the first person arrested by Franco’s army when it entered that town in Gipuzkoa in 1936. He was taken from his home on 25 September with the promise that he would be back soon, but he did not return until July 1940, four years, nine jails and a war later. The Iñurrieta family gave this collection to Gogora in 2018 to be kept and conserved in the section that the Institute has in the Historical Archive of the Basque Country and for it to be disseminated and consulted.

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