Historical Remembrance Project

Historical Remembrance Project

Projects related to Historical Remembrance (1936 - 1975)


Remove Franco symbology

Continue with the collaboration of Eudel to promote the institutional removal of Franco symbology and in so doing, fulfil the parliamentary mandate and the recommendations of international institutions in terms of the moral reparation of the victims of the Franco dictatorship.p>

Set up a Columbarium for the remains of unidentified disappeared persons

Collaborate in the creation of a Columbarium of Dignity. Its aim is to build an area that will enable the collection of the remains of unidentified disappeared persons. It is a material necessity, but also imperative to the respect of the victims' dignity. This project is currently in its design phase.


Set up a Commission to prepare a Core Document of human rights violations during the Franco dictatorship (1936-75)

Establish a commission to prepare a report upon human rights violations that occurred during the1936-1975 period, addressed from the perspective of the truth about the victims of the Franco dictatorship. This project is also a contribution to the demands of domestic and international institutions to create mechanisms to clarify what occurred with regards to human rights violations during the Franco dictatorship.

Organise testimonies, archives and databases

Submit a proposal to organise the testimonies, archives and databases related to the Franco dictatorship. There are currently numerous initiatives for collecting testimonies, creating databases and fragmented and scattered archives that do not use shared methodology. One of the priorities of remembrance public policy is to organise this scenario.


Promote and coordinate memorials and recognition of the Franco dictatorship victims

Submit a proposal to promote and coordinate memorial acts with two objectives: Firstly, establish an annual act of recognition for the victims of the Franco dictatorship. Secondly, try to coordinate, improve, complete and promote a calendar of remembrance and tribute acts for the victims of the Franco dictatorship.

Manage the identification and interpretation of remembrance spaces

Commission three pilot-projects for the interpretation of remembrance spaces. These projects will be carried out on the basis of the 2015 report on the identification of remembrance spaces. Its aim is to set up an educational remembrance tool based upon human rights values and democratic principles in order to achieve a proper social, cultural and political development. Trails of Remembrance