Projects Recent Remembrance

Projects: Recent Remembrance

Projects related to Recent Remembrance(1960 - 2011)


Udal Memoriak Promote a memorial policy at a municipal level

Coordination will be managed and developed in collaboration with the town councils and Eudel to promote a memorial municipal policy to celebrate an Annual Remembrance Day.

Prepare the website Gurean for the memory of vicitms

The aim of this project is to make the victims’ personalised remembrance accessible to all citizens on the website that will be called Gurean. This word has two word senses that reflect the spirit of this project: amongst us and in our house.


Extend the Gertu Programme of the recording of victims' testimonies.

The Gertu Programme has enabled the collection of the estimonies of more than one hundred relatives of victims murdered during the Recent Remembrance period. This programme will be continued during 2016, incorporating the recordings of the testimonies of injured victims.

Develop a dialogue based upon the convergence between victims, society, remembrance and coexistence

Summon several forums for dialogue and reflection, on an experimental basis, upon the confluence of four concepts: victims, society, remembrance and coexistence. This initiative will give continuity to the Eraikiz Programme experience developed during 2014 and 2015. Its aim is to draw useful conclusions for remembrance public policies.


Make the Gertu audiovisual material with victims' testimonies available to the public

As has already been pointed out, the Gertu Programme has enabled the collection of testimonies of more that one hundred relatives of murdered victims. The next step for this programme is to make these testimonies as well as an audiovisual presentation available to the public, through the Gogora website.

Prepare an educational proposal on the critical reflection of Recent Remembrance

Based upon the educational experiences such as Adiadian or the study of education for peace carried out by universities in 2015, a proposal for educational resources will be prepared to introduce a critical reflection upon Recent Remembrance into the field of education.