Enhancing and signposting the Iron Ring in Zamudio

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Gogora has funded actions in 15 municipalities since the signing of the protocol to restore and enhance Bilbao?s Iron Ring in 2018.

Enhancing and signposting the Iron Ring in Zamudio

Remembrance Route (PDF, 1 MB) 

Zamudio has a 11.1-km Iron Ring Route that it has restored and signposted with funding from Gogora – the Institute of Remembrance, Coexistence and Human Rights. The information panel located in the Arroeta car park describes the route through the municipality, which back down back to the municipality. The structures and trenches built at that time can be seen along the route. 

This area was part of the front line of the heavy fighting in these mountains during the breaching of the Iron Ring between 11 and 13 June 1937. On 12 June, Franco’s troops broke through the Iron Right and took Zamudio and Lezama before moving on to Artxanda.

An archaeological dig is underway in the nearby municipality of Gamiz-Fika, where two previously unknown and unlisted machine gun nests have been found.This initiative is being financed by Gogora and the local council has produced a report for it be included as a  Cultural Heritage Asset with the category of Site of Historical Interest of the 5th sector which runs from Gaztelumendi, in Larrabetzu, to Berango and Soplea.

The Iron Ring has been classified as a   Cultural Heritage Asset, with the category of Site of Historical Interest since 2018. Pursuant to the agreement between the Basque Country, Araba and Bizkaia provincial councils and the 33 municipalities of both territories, a global partnership framework has been established to protect, consolidate, maintain and enhance this defensive line.

Actions to enhance and restore Bilbao’s Iron Ring in 15 municipalities have since been implemented. The actions funded Gogora have included archaeological work, cleaning and consolidating items of interest, signage by means of information panels and signposting the route, along with publishing  information material.

Iron Ring:  https://goo.gl2DRnYni